2019 Mercedes Marathon

MBUSI Registration for 2019 Mercedes Marathon Weekend closed

Team Member internal registration is closed for the 2019 Mercedes Marathon Weekend coming up February 9 - 10, 2019.   You can still register at www.mercedesmarathon.com on your own.

As a sponsor, MBUSI offers a great benefit for our Team Members: We have a limited number of free entries for our Full-Time MBUSI Team Members, Daimler expats and Interns and NAOS Team Members (Plus your spouse and eligible dependents) for the following events:

  • Marathon (26.2 miles)
  • Half-Marathon (13.1 miles)
  • Kids Marathon (26.2 miles - to be run over 5 months)
    Open to kindergarten through fifth graders (26.2 miles to be run over 5 months.)
  • 5-Person Relay (26.2 miles)
    Distances for each leg are approximately (Leg 1) 6.05 miles, (Leg 2) 2.95 miles, (Leg 3) 6.05 miles, (Leg 4) 3.05 miles, (Leg 5) 8.10 miles

Here’s how it works:  (Now closed)

Go to www.mbusi.com/2019MarathonCodes  to request a MBUSI access code.

After we verify the eligibility of each participant, we will send you your access codes. We will send codes within 5 business days of your applying, so be sure to give us an accurate email address.

When you have your access code, go to www.mercedesmarathon.com and follow the normal process to register for a race. You will use the code we send you to check out and not pay the registration fee.

PARENTS RUNNING WITH CHILDREN - If you are a parent who wants to run with your child, you must fill out the “Parent Running with Child Entry Form” and pay a $10 fee to cover costs associated with security, running bibs and other costs. You will mail a copy of the form and payment to Birmingham Marathon, Inc.

  • Eligibility for entries is subject to verification.
  • You may register your spouse and dependent children only. Please do not register extended family or friends. Violation of this may result in your entry being rejected.
  • To register others, please visit the Mercedes Marathon website @ www.mercedesmarathon.com and pay the standard registration fee.
  • Current Co-Ops and Daimler expats whose assignments end before February should not apply for a code. You must be on assignment with MBUSI in February 2019 to apply for a code.