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2020 application Process is open! Apply Today for the 2020 Mercedes Tech Program at Lawson

Fast Facts

  • Starting pay $16 per hour with pay increases at the 3rd semester.
  • Paid for hours worked in production and training at the training center.
  • Mercedes Tech shirts are provided as well as any safety equipment required.

Application Process

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    Click the blue "APPLY HERE!" button at the bottom of this page.

    Clicking on the link will take you to the AIDT Website and it will ask you to set up an account.
    Once you have set up your account, you'll need to leave the website and return to this page on the MBUSI.COM Website and click the blue "APPLY HERE!" button again.

    NOTE: When creating your account, please make sure that your contact information is correct. AIDT, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. and Lawson State Community College communicate primarily by email.

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    Wait for an email response from AIDT.

    Once you have completed the application for the Mercedes Tech Program and you have met the qualifications to apply, you will be placed in a pool of applicants to be invited to an assessment.

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    AIDT will contact you in order to schedule your assessment.

    The assessment will take place at AIDT, 6 Mercedes Drive, Vance, AL. This is our training facility located next to our Visitor Center adjacent to the plant.

    The invitation will arrive in your email.

    IMPORTANT: Please monitor your spam/junk email inboxes and/or add "" to your approved email senders list to ensure that you don't miss their email(s)!

    The first assessment will take approximately 1 day to complete.

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    Once your first assessment has been completed, your scoring information will be sent to the Mercedes-Benz Human Resources Department.

    Depending upon your assessment result, you will either advance to the interview process or receive an email notification stating that you did not meet the criterion to advance. If your assessment results indicate that you qualify for advancement, you will be contacted by a representative from Mercedes-Benz U.S. International to schedule an interview.

    The interview will take place at AIDT, the same facility where the first assessment was administered and will take approximately 45 minutes and you will be required to bring your high school transcripts and any college transcripts.

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    The interview is the final step in the process.

    If successful, you will be placed in a pool of candidates for selection into the Mercedes Tech Program.

    ACT WorkKeys

    ACT WorkKeys is also part of the selection process. ACT WorkKeys is a job skills assessment and we require individual scores from 3 main assessment areas, which are: applied math, workplace documents, and graphic literacy. For this assessment, your contact information will be sent to Lawson State Community College and they will contact you in order to schedule your ACT WorkKeys assessment.

    All offers to join the Mercedes Tech program will be extended through our staffing agency at North American On-Site.

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Program FAQs

How long is the program of study for the Mercedes Tech Program?

Students selected for the Mercedes Tech Certificate Program is 4 Semesters: 3 semesters of school and work and 1 full time working semester.

For the requirement to work, what days will I have to work?

All students will be required to work every Thursday, Friday. (Saturday will be required if production is scheduled.)

What will I be doing while I’m working at the plant?

All students will be working in the assembly production area.

What is the main focus for the program?

The main focus for the program is to provide students with advanced automotive skills and leadership skills for our assembly production area.

What will the benefits be while in the Mercedes Tech Program?

Your benefits will include the tuition and fees assistance provided by Mercedes-Benz and the value of obtaining a quality education from Lawson State Community College. Other benefits include: paid work hours, team wear, safety shoes and any other safety gear that is needed to perform your job.

Can I take classes online?

For this program, online classes will not be available.

What are my financial requirements while in the program?

All students are responsible for their portion of the tuition and fees and for any books that may be required. Please see "TUITION AND FEES SUPPORT FROM MBUSI" section (below).

Can anyone apply for the program?

Yes. Anyone interested in the program can apply, however, the program is a full time student program with limited work hours. Please consider this before applying.

After completing the program and I’m offered a position with Mercedes-Benz, what are some other opportunities?

There are many opportunities available at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International. Successful students will earn a full time position in one of our production areas where there are opportunities such as: promotions, project teams, or continuous improvement teams.

For the requirement to work, what days will I have to work?

Students in the Mercedes Tech Program will be required to work every Thursday, Friday, and also on Saturday if production is scheduled for Saturday. These are required work days every week, regardless if school is in session or not. While in the program, work is required every week except during times when the plant is not running.

What should I consider before applying?

  • All candidates should review the details of the program.
  • The 4 terms of instruction are back to back.
  • All students will be expected to rotate shifts.
  • All students will be expected to be present and on time at school and work.
  • All students must be able to perform the essential functions of the job.
  • All students will be required to work their regular scheduled hours at work, which also includes any overtime that may be scheduled.

The program is 4 semesters in length. All candidates should consider this before applying. This takes commitment. The program guidelines state that Mercedes-Benz will offer full time employment to the top percent of those students that successfully complete the program within a certain GPA range.

What are the criteria used to determine the top %?

The top % will be determined based on a student’s over-all GPA (including attendance), training assessments, and work performance.

Tuition And Fees Support from MBUSI:

  • MBUSI covers 65%
    1st Semester
  • MBUSI covers 100%
    2nd Semester
  • MBUSI covers 100%
    3rd Semester
  • coin fulltimework 91ad6
    4th Semester

  • 65% of your tuition and fees are covered by Mercedes-Benz before you take your first class!
  • If you maintain a 3.0 and above GPA, Mercedes-Benz pays 100% of your tuition and fees in the 2nd and 3rd semesters.
  • If you maintain between 2.5 and 3.0 GPA, Mercedes-Benz pays 50% of your tuition and fees in the 2nd and 3rd semesters.
  • No tuition and fees support is provided by Mercedes-Benz if your GPA is below 2.5.

Begin your career with Mercedes-Benz by clicking the blue button below.

  • 4 terms in the program consisting of 3 terms of school and work plus 1 full time semester at Lawson State Community College and Mercedes-Benz International.
  • Attend classes Monday through Wednesday.
  • Gain hands-on experience by working at the plant each week.
  • With a GPA of 3.0 and above students will earn a position with MBUSI.

2020 Open Application Period:
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