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Mechatronics graduates

What is the Mechatronics Training Program?

Mechatronics is a training program and partnership between MBUSI, Shelton State Community College, and the Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT).

Originally, Mechatronics came from the combination of MECHANICS and ELECTRONICS. The increasing complexity of technology has since warranted the inclusion of various additional functions such as Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, and Control Engineering.

The Mechatronics program provides students with the cognitive and hands-on skills necessary to support the building of world class automobiles at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International in Vance, Alabama.

After completing the Mechatronics Training & Curriculum at Shelton State, the top percentage of the graduating class enrolled in the program, will advance to MBUSI and earn a full time position in Production.

Of the students that advance to MBUSI, a top percentage will go into the MB Industrial Mechatronics Maintenance Program at AIDT.

Note: If you would like to qualify for federal financial aid (including Pell Grant) you must go to: and complete all of the requirements for federal aid. If you have questions, please contact the Shelton State Community College office of financial aid at(205) 391-2218 or online at Financial Aid Assistance.

Partnership & Assistance

The Mercedes-Benz Industrial Mechatronics program is a training partnership between Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. in Vance, Alabama, Shelton State Community College and Alabama Industrial Development Training, Alabama. (AIDT)

The whole Mercedes-Benz Industrial Mechatronics Program includes 7 terms of instruction at Shelton State Community College and an additional 18 months of training at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International at AIDT in Vance. Only a certain percentage of the students that advance to MBUSI will be selected for the 18 months of additional training. Upon satisfactory completion of the coursework at Shelton State, students will earn an Associates of Applied Science degree in Industrial Electronics and a short certificate in Industrial Maintenance. Coursework only offered during day classes. This Program does not include college preparatory work.

Assistance for Tuition & Fees

MBUSI provides assistance for tuition and fees for all terms at Shelton State Community College. Eligibility for assistance for Term 2 through Term 7 is dependent upon overall GPA:

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Note: If you would like to qualify for federal financial aid (including Pell Grant) you must got to and complete all of the requirements for federal aid. If you have questions, please contact the Shelton State office of financial aid at (205) 391-2218 or online at Financial Aid Assistance.

Typical Curriculum for Term 1 through Term 7 while at Shelton State Community College


Term Course # Course Name Hrs
1 ILT 100/ELT 100 Applied Electronics Computations 3
1 INT 119 Principles of Mech. Measurement & Tech.Drawings 3
1 ILT 106/ELT 111 Concepts of DC Electricity 5
1 ILT 107/ELT 112 Concepts of AC Electricity 5
1 ORI 101 Orientation to College 1
Term Total: 17
Term Course # Course Name Hrs
2 ILT 111 Concepts of Solid State Electronics 5
2 ILT 112 Concepts of Digital Electronics 5
2 ILT 167/ELT 117 AC/DC Machinery and Controls 3
2 ILT 227 National Electrical Code 2
2 MTH 100 * Inter. College Algebra 3
Term Total:& 18
Term Course # Course Name Hrs
3 ILT 197/ELT 209 Motor Controls I 3
3 ILT 115 Advanced Industrial Controls 3
3 ILT 116 Advanced Industrial Controls Lab 2
3 INT 153 or PSY 276* Precision Machining or Human Relations 3
Term Total: 11
Term Course # Course Name Hrs
4 ILT 176/ELT 176 Elements of Industrial Controls 3
4 ILT 177/ELT 177 Elements of Industrial Controls Lab 2
4 ILT 276/ELT 276 Elements of Industrial Controls 2 3
4 ILT 277/ELT 277 Elements of Industrial Controls 2 Lab 2
4 ELT 118 Industrial Wiring 3
Term Total: 13
Term Course # Course Name Hrs
5 ILT 169 Fundamentals of Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics 3
5 INT 117 Principles of Industrial Mechanics 3
5 INT 153 or PSY 276* Precision Machining or Human Relations 3
5 ILT 216 Introduction to Robotics 3
5 ILT 217 Introduction to Robotics Lab 2
Term Total: 14
Term Course # Course Name Hrs
6 ILT 195 Troubleshooting Techniques 3
6 ILT 148 Automatic Control Systems 3
6 ILT 149 Automatic Control Systems Lab 2
6 INT 112 Industrial Maintenance Procedures 3
Term Total: 11
Term Course # Course Name Hrs
7 SPH 106 or 107 Area II Speech Requirement 3
7 CIS 146 Microcomputer Applications 3
7 Natural Science Mathematics Area III Elective 3
7 Fine Art or Humanities Area II Elective 3
7 ENG 101 English Comp 1 3
Term Total: 15
Program Total:99

     How to Apply

Open enrollment for the next MECHATRONICS session is open from October 21, 2019 until March 31, 2020. with classes beginning in August 2020. Note: You must enter your student ID on the Technical Program Application.
Your application will not be considered unless you include your student ID.

PLEASE Click on the links Below to begin your application process:

  1. First apply and receive your Shelton State Community College Student ID at the following link: SSCC
  2. CLICK HERE after you receive your student ID to Apply Through AIDT
  3. Qualified candidates will be invited to the training center for an assessment administered by AIDT.
  4. Complete your Admission process including: Online Application, Signature Page, Photo ID, and all placement scores(English, Math, and Reading). This will be required prior to the interview. SSCC Admissions
  5. Top candidates will be invited for an interview with MBUSI. (H/S transcript and WorkKeys results are required at interview)

Program FAQ

Will students have to take the COMPASS test?

While it is possible that some will have appropriate scores on either the ACT or the SAT or will be transferring from another institution, it is likely many will have to take the Compass. Again, these students will follow all of the same procedures as all other students who apply for admission to Shelton State.

What if I have not had a WorkKeys assessment?

MBUSI will need to set up a WorkKeys assessment with Shelton State Community College and have the results prior to the interview phase.

Will students be eligible for financial aid apart from the potential assistance (tuition, fees, books) provided by MBUSI?

Yes. As with all students, however, they must complete the FAFSA ( For questions related to the federal aid or the financial aid process at Shelton State Community College, please visit Financial aid assistance.

Will MBUSI cover any of my cost for tuition and books?

Please see “Mechatronics Partnership & Assistance.”

How will I be notified if I’m selected for the program?

If you’re selected for the program, you will be notified by e-mail.

What are my commitments to MBUSI when I finish school?

After successful completion of the program at Shelton State Community College and for those students that enter the MECHATRONICS program, a 2-year commitment to MBUSI is required.

Will I work in the same area while I’m in the program?

Work assignments and areas may change while in the program.

What will my hours be while I’m in the program?

While attending classes at Shelton State, students will be required to work at least 8 hours per week; on Friday and/or Saturday on their assigned shift.

For those who advance to the MBUSI portion of the Mechatronics program, you will receive training on the job and in the classroom.

When receiving training on the job, the work hours will depend on the area and need.

How will the top PERCENTAGE be determined?

The top percentage will be identified by the students overall GPA and work performance, and business needs.

If a student completes all the courses at Shelton State, will he/she be guaranteed a job at MBUSI?

MBUSI will offer full-time positions in production to the top percent that successfully complete the program of study on time at Shelton. Of those students, a top percentage will be admitted into the MECHATRONICS phase of training at MBUSI.

What is included in my course of study in the Mechatronics program at MBUSI?

Courses at MBUSI will be related to the specific areas of assignment with a high concentration in Robotics, PLC programming, Welding, and Machining.

What is included in my course of study at Shelton State?

Please see the section on “training.”

What area will I be in when I finish the program?

For those who go into the production, those jobs will be in our Body or Paint production shops. For those who successfully complete the Mechatronics program at MBUSI, those students will fill open positions in the various Maintenance groups.

What will I be doing at the plant while I’m in school?

While attending school, students are required to work a minimum of 8 hours per week. The work areas will be in production for the first 4 semesters and then Maintenance for the last 3 semesters.

What type of training will be included if I’m in the industrial Mechatronics program at MBUSI?

When a student enters the Mechatronics program, they will be training on the job and taking courses at the Bill Taylor Institute, through AIDT. (BTI is located on Mercedes Drive next to the plant.)

Is this a Maintenance program?

No, this is not a Maintenance Program; however a certain percentage of top students will be offered a Maintenance Apprenticeship Position.

Are the specific courses required at Shelton State available to me at night or with distance learning?

All course work related to the Mechatronics program will be offered in the day time only.

What will my work hours be while attending school at Shelton?

Students will be working on Friday and/or Saturday. Any other additional work days will be approved on a case by case basis.

Will vacation be available to me while I’m in the Mechatronics program at MBUSI? (This is after completion at Shelton State.)

  1. For students that go into production or into the Mechatronics program, allotment for vacation will follow normal vacation guidelines.
  2. For students in the Mechatronics program, vacation can only be taken during the “on the job training.”

I understand that I will be required to work at least 8 hours per week at MBUSI while I’m attending school at Shelton. Will I receive any vacation benefit from MBUSI during this time?

Students will not be eligible for vacation, but can be scheduled off if approved.

What will the benefits be while I am attending Shelton State?

In addition to being eligible for the assistance and the possibility of earning a full-time position, students will be paid for the hours worked at MBUSI, can participate in 401k, and will receive team wear, safety shoes, and any other protective equipment required.

What is the process for being selected?

See “How to Apply” (above).

If I’m a current MBUSI full time Team Member or ONIN/NAOS Team Member, can I apply for the Mechatronics Program?

  1. Current MBUSI Team Members: Yes, current MBUSI Team Members can apply for the Mechatronics Program. The process involves an internal posting for the program which occurs on a specified date. Internal candidates must meet the criteria which is communicated when the internal process is opened.
  2. Current ONIN or NAOS or ONIN Team Members: Yes, you can apply; however, if you are invited to participate in the selection process and you are working a full time job with ONIN or NAOS or ONIN, you must use your own time to cover for being away from work to participate in any of the selection phases. If you are selected for the program, you would have to resign from your position with ONIN or NAOS or ONIN production.

Program Contact Information

Shelton State Community College logoShelton State Community College

phone: (205) 391-5899 (Recruiting Office)
website: Shelton State Admissions page

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