Security FAQ

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What actions can I take if I have lost property or found property that does not belong to me?

The main security office at Plant 1 is where lost and found is located.
Here you can report lost property as well as turn in property you have found.

What do I do if I misplace my badge?

Go to the nearest turnstile or security office to report a misplaced badge. A Security Officer can assist with entry or exit. Security will allow you to sign an entry/exit log to enter the facilities. However, you must also sign the entry/exit log upon leaving the facilities.

Photo ID is required to sign in.

Please note: Allowing someone to use your ID badge for entry/exit is a violation of MBUSI security policy. If you witness someone using an ID badge that is not theirs report it immediately at 205-507-2177.

What do I do if I lost my badge?

If you have lost your badge, go to the turnstile at your usual entry location and the security officer on duty will allow you to sign the entry/exit log. In addition, inform the on-duty security officer that you have lost your badge and that you will need a replacement.

Please note: Photo ID is required to sign in.

How d I report property damage?

To report property damage, contact security at 205-507-2177.

If I have a guest, can I escort them?

Only MBUSI employees can escort guests throughout our facilities.

Contractors must request/receive authorization before escorting a guest.

Where can I get a locker?

The form for locker registration is located at the main security office located at column D26 Assembly 1.
In addition, locker forms can be obtained using the Daimler Portal.

How do I remove non-production items from the property?

To remove non-production property from the MBUSI plant, you must complete a property removal form.

How do I remove production parts from the property?

To take parts off of MBUSI property, a shipper’s request that is stamped by the shipper’s office is required.

How do I declare personal property?

Form provided at the main security office located at column D26 Assembly 1.

Where do I sign up for orientation?

Form provided at the main security office located at column D26 Assembly 1.

Where do I report suspicious activity?

To report suspicious activity call the dispatch number at 205-507-2177.

Where are deliveries accepted?

Non-production deliveries (UPS/FedEx/Coca-Cola/ETC.) are received only at Gate 13.

Can I use my own handicap parking placard?

MBUSI requires Team Members to obtain a permit issued from our medical department in addition to your state decal.

Can I take pictures or record videos while on MBUSI property?

Camera and video recording devices are not allowed without proper authorization and require approval by MBSUI Security and Communications Department prior to any photos or recordings being made. If you need photos or video recordings for any purpose, you must submit a Video Authorization Form to Security for review. If approved, a special Camera Approval Pass will be issued and must be worn at all times when the pictures and video recordings are being made.

NOTE: Visitors/guests taking pictures will require this approval as well as their MBUSI escort.