The MBUSI manufacturing plant embodies the best and most reliable manufacturing principles currently available worldwide.

Mercedes Manufacturing Excellence in Alabama!

Welcome to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, U.S.A., and the manufacturing facility where the M-Class, the R-Class,  the GL-Class, C-Class and the GLE Coupe are built. Everything is under one roof… from Body, Paint, and Assembly shops to Administration and Shipping. This unity helps to emphasize the importance of teamwork and to foster Team Member communication and facilitate the consistent, incomparable quality inherent in manufacture of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Each model is built "just-in-time," a manufacturing method based on the idea that stockpiling large amounts of inventory is not only inefficient but unnecessary. In fact, in the assembly shop, the target is to have only 2 hours worth of inventory stocked (approximately 3 hours in the body shop) at any given time for the production line. When additional inventory is needed, our automated system places an order for replenishment and it's delivered almost immediately.

The manufacturing process for both models begins in the Body Shop where the components that comprise the metal body are welded together. Then, from the ultra-clean Paint Shop, the painted body finishes its journey in Assembly where it becomes a new Mercedes-Benz M-, R-, GL, GLE Coupe and C-Class get ready for shipping. From beginning to end, our Mercedes-Benz vehicles are created with style, functionality, and quality in mind.

To make this process possible, the MBUSI Energy Center provides and monitors the power required to produce the vehicles. Team members in the Energy Center work around the clock in three shifts to make sure that we have all the electricity, natural gas, compressed air, and various waters used in the manufacturing process. The energy required at full production is approximately 42 million watts—or roughly similar to the typical energy needs of 8,400 single-family homes.

Since its inception, the award-winning M-Class has redefined what an SUV can be, with an ongoing legacy of groundbreaking safety, earth-embracing performance and road-taming confidence.

The R-Class Mercedes-Benz's entry into the crossover vehicle market sector, was created for buyers seeking the driving dynamics of a luxury sedan with the space and functionality of a sport utility. Produced only for overseas markets.

Of all 7-passenger full-size SUVs, only the all-new GL-Class offers the innovative luxury, pioneering safety and rewarding performance that define a Mercedes-Benz.

Sophisticated elegance with sporty style. Top-rated safety with thoroughbred performance. Cutting-edge innovation with timeless quality. And both a refined cockpit and reasonable pricetag that put driving fun within easy reach.

A new model will be added to MBUSI's manufacturing product line soon.

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